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Finding out efficient and effective workforce

Staffing process stresses on equipping the organisation with an exact number of people, and that too at the right time and place.

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Staffing Overview

Staffing is a managerial function which involves obtaining, utilising and retaining, qualified and competent personnel to fill all positions of an organisation, from top to operative echelon. In finer terms, staffing is placing the right person at the right job.

Many companies do not have full time recruiters or the time or capacity to fill all of their needs. iFlex is your trusted link to technology and business staff with the skills you need, when you need them. Count on us to fill your temporary contract needs or act as an extension of your HR department to fill permanent openings. As a technology leader in our own right, we have the expertise to assess technology applicants, understand exactly the capabilities and qualities your project requires, and lead you to qualified personnel who can immediately contribute to your effort. We regularly place professionals with Fortune 500 and mid-range companies across United States.

Why Choose Our Services

The staffing process recognizes the importance of everyone hired by the organization, because everyone’s work keeps the organization running. Therefore, getting a good employee is a difficult task, because the success of the organization depends on it, so this process must be done carefully.

Contingent Staffing

If your company experiences frequent fluctuation in the need for temporary resources, this is the perfect solution for you. Managed Staffing handles all human resource functions so that you can focus on what you do best.


Our contract-to-hire services provide you with the flexibility and the ability to monitor the work performance of a consultant for a specified time frame. You determine if the consultant is a right fit prior to making a formal offer for a permanent position.

Fast Staff

our fast staff program is adept at handling your requirements. New projects, acquisitions, unusual deployments and similar events are ideal for this scenario. The Managed Staffing recruiting team works closely with your company to define the need, duration and expected completion date.

Direct Hire

Our direct placement services are a perfect solution for companies that need human resources in-house. Our global recruiting team can help you find the ideal candidates for you. With our proprietary recruiting process and state-of-the-art technology, we can meet your requirements quickly and easily.

Skills and services:
  • Project management
  • Business system analysis
  • Application development, including JAVA/J2EE, .NET
  • QA testing
  • Network engineering
  • Help Desk/Tech support
  • System administration
  • Database development/administration
  • System selection, implementation and customization (ERP/CRM)
  • Agile methodologies