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Application Services

The application service is a set of interdependent applications and hosts configured to provide a service to an organization. Service services can be internal, such as an e-mail or clinical organization, such as the organization’s website.

iFlex teams are focused on delivering “application value” ranging from designing, building, deploying, and managing applications which includes packaged and platform-led services. Our key differentiation is in building technology “foundations” that last. We believe that highly effective and aligned organizations are hard to achieve because tight integration of business and technology skills is not achieved in traditional consulting models. Our focus on re-usable components, assets, tools, and automation and our primary drive towards reducing head-count are critical to providing the best solutions to customers.

Agile methods, very high focus on collaboration amongst team members (enabled by presence in similar time-zone), engineering collaboration with key software vendors (with our solutions teams presence in Silicon Valley) and tailored boot camps to train our engineers for each practice areas ensures efficiency and quality across all our application services. Our methods are aligned for the model and work well with customers’ internal methods with constant focus on improving the integrated delivery cycle. This compares better with different levels of maturity between your internal and offshore vendors.