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Software & Cyber Security

Viruses, hackers, and company espionage are lamentably an hourly fact in an internet world. To live one step in advance of undesirable intruders, software program companies frequently launch new safety patches and virus safety software program is likewise continuously updated. However with more than one safety answers in place, surprising gaps can open up if updates aren’t carried out constantly or your answers don’t paintings efficiently together.

Iflexpro INC can layout and enforce green community safety structures and strategies to defend your enterprise IT and communications from undesirable intrusion.

Our group recognises the demanding situations confronted with the aid of using businesses in securely and successfully dealing with passwords, authentication techniques and account provisioning. We provide a complete variety of services and products to create and enforce an enterprise-magnificence identification and get admission to control solution, designed to your organisation.

Our expert experts will paintings with you and your present IT infrastructure at some stage in all degrees of an get admission to/identification control task including:

  • Business analysis and complementary gap analysis
  • Product selection, design and integration
  • Proof of concept projects
  • Specialist project management
  • Technical design, testing and implementation
  • Rollout and handover
  • Ongoing production operations and monitoring

We’ll deliver a customised solution to address your cyber security challenges as well as your broader business goals and requirements, delivering the best experience for both your organisation and your consumers.