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Salesforce integration

Salesforce has helped organizations manage their customer databases for over 20 years. It provides users with the right combination of automation and process customization, and customizes services based on the requirements of specific customers.

However, if you want to extend the capabilities of your CRM giant and merge it with another suitable platform, you can do so using the Salesforce integration.

What Is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration is the process of combining Salesforce data and features with another application to provide users with a single, integrated experience. This allows you to provide your team with the ideal combination of features from both platforms.
Salesforce users often have problems adjusting data between two platforms and switching between them while performing certain activities. The integration with Salesforce frees you from this issue and allows you to work on a centralized platform.
For example, the Salesforce PayPal integration allows you to use your Salesforce org as a payment gateway. Similarly, Salesforce Twilio’s integration streamlines the process of communicating with customers.

Salesforce Integration Processes

There are two major approaches to carry out the process of Salesforce integration – App-based and code-based.

App-based Salesforce Integration

As the name implies, app-based Salesforce integration is done by a dedicated application. These applications allow users to integrate data between two applications and develop an integrated platform with just a few clicks.

To integrate Salesforce CRM with the right app, you need a powerful and seamless integration platform that makes it easy to transfer data seamlessly between two apps.

Popular third-party apps that facilitate effective Salesforce integration include Zapier and Jitterbit.

Code-based Salesforce Integration

In addition to using a dedicated app, Salesforce integration can also be run using a programming language. Using Apex is the most common example of codebase Salesforce integration. This is a proprietary programming language with Java-like syntax.

The main benefits of implementing codebase Salesforce and Apex integration are:

  • Integrated Salesforce Lightning Platform Support
  • Easy to use and understand the language
  • Suitable for different API versions
  • The programming language can be viewed on the Lightning platform and is completely controlled by the Lightning platform.


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